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Characteristic of Genuine Leather

Characteristic of leather ( jx leather gift company)

The difference between real and fake leather:
Thickness: real usually is 1.6--2.2mm,vanned leather is 2.0-3.5mm;fake is about 1.0mm.
Hand feeling: real is more comfortable than fake.
Price: real is expensive.
Measurement: real is INCH,fake is CM/MM/M

Real leather on market is the leather materials that is the skin of animal like cow/sheep/horse/pig/deer etc which under processed by leather factory.
The leather materials has various characteristics & strength & feeling & color & lines ,it’s more durable and beautiful than skin when made on product.
Genuine leather is a necessary material for leather products, and the cowhide/sheepskin/pig skin is the three big leather that make leather raw material.

In here the genuine leather generally referred cow leather that divided into by layer leather and split leather.
The layer is the first skin of cow, is the real leather in fact.
The second layer is the firmer that under the first layer skin, also called split leather.
The surface of split leather is covered with a thin film, so split also called laminated leather (coated leather ).
The layer is more denser,sturdier and expensive than split leather.

In the process of growth, the cattle will be bitten by tick ,also scratched by branches etc;the surface of skin will leave the insect spots/wrinkle/veins/scratch/scar...
Different parts of the cattle is vary in thickness,so the skin will be loose or tight,the length of fibre are different on the back of cow skin too.
Even after multiple processing,the characteristics of the cattle themselves will remain.
We can still see the natural phenomena on surface such as the insect spots/wrinkle/veins/scratch/scar/different lengths of underlying fibers/uneven thickness&colors/odors etc.
This are normal phenomenon pls note.

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